KWASU resolves internal crises

All pending issues surrounding the Kwara State University Crisis has been resolved.

In a report brought to us by one of our reporters from the University has it that the Governor of the state and the Governing Council of the University have had a meeting at round table and have resolved internal issues. His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kwara State and the Visitor to the prestigious institution in his wisdom has resolved all the issues causing the crisis.

More so, he gave a directive to the Governing Board to go ahead with all necessary process and procedures in line with due process as provided in the KWASU Gazette 2009 (as amended). Our Governor and the Visitor is a known man of due process.

His Excellency, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed in the middle, to the right Prof Saka Nuru, Chairman Governing Board, Vice Chancellor, Prof AbdulRasheed Na’Allah, Bar Alikinla, Hon Comm Tertiary Educ and from left Alh Kola Yusuf and Hon Oba-Aluko, Members Governing Board.

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