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As usual, the Post UTME is purely a Computer Based Examination and the subjects are divided into 3 category, which are:
Use of English (which carries the most questions), Mathematics (very few – if you are lucky enough) and general subject (this contains the current affairs and other general subjects).

On the rate of 100%, English takes 80%, while Maths and General subject take 10% to 20%, based on how lucky you are.

Note: All candidates are doing the same subjects (irrespective of your course). It is also applicable to DE candidates.

UNILORIN major area of concentration used to be CONCORD (not until last session that everything changed), though you can’t escape it and they like preparing Questions under the exception of the rules). Secondly, you must be good with spellings, because you’re likely to come across it a lot.

Spellings like, pronunciation, accommodation, liaison, lieutenant, broccoli, Scissors, Acknowledgement and all sorts are to be expected. Then question tag as well, Synonyms and Antonyms, Lexis and structure, few stress pattern and the other aspects will be on Phrase and Clause (study every thing you can about this two), as from last year, phrasal Verb, Adverbial Clause etcetera are unavoidable questions in UNILORIN post UTME.

In Mathematics, make sure you know probability, change of subject of formulae, words problem in general, simple interest and some common sense general mathematics (though there will be few questions on it). Don’t think because you’re not a science student and neglect Mathematics, since you’ve done it in your O’level, the University believe you should have adequate knowledge of it.

Lastly, in General paper (current affairs), they used to ask some common things in Biology or Geography, worry not, you are familiar with them.

I could remember one question I saw during my exam back then, I was asked that, “A former Nigeria CBN Governor is a Monarch in the capital city of his state, what is his name and the state?”.

Also, The longest river in the world is……?
Is it Mississippi, Amazon or Nile? – if you Google search, I’m sure you won’t have a definite answer.

You can see how fun that is? Please, be guided accordingly.

The Post UTME is 50 questions, 30min.
For Enquiries, contact me on WhatsApp – 08138361397.

Thank you.



🔥 Things to take note for UNILORIN 2020 Post UTME exam – BY TAIWO OLALERE (PREMIER💯)


As we all know, the Post UTME is strictly Computer Based Test (CBT), and the school will test aspirants on 3 major subjects – which are: English Language, Mathematics and General Subject (Current affairs).

Over the years, the Post UTME questions are mostly based on Concord, but if you still base your reading on CONCORD in this 2020, then you are writing letter to something else.

This year, you should take note of these topics:

1. Phrases
2. Clauses
3. Sentence (Simple, Compound, Complex)
4. The fundamental rules of Question tag
5. And lastly, don’t forget your Concord
6. Collocation
7. Synonyms and antonyms

Take note of these spellings…

1. Liaison
2. Committee
3. Scissors
4. Broccoli
5. Accommodation
6. Acknowledgement
7. Pronunciation
8. Lieutenant
9. Privilege
10. Receive
11. Occasion
12. Luggage
13. Preferred
14. Maintenance
15. Questionnaire
16. Embarrassment
17. Harassment
18. Diarrhoea
19. Ecstasy
20. Omission
21. Referee

For your current affairs, be familiar with the military regime and how they handover power to the civilian, know the CBN Governors (present and past) including the one that’s now a monarch

Make sure you know difference between Biography and autobiography…
Be familiar with full meaning of some Common acronyms (e.g AIDS – the ‘A’ is Acquired and not Acquire)

For your Mathematics, don’t belittle yourself that you don’t know Maths, because I won’t say the Maths are really calculations but a word problem mostly (and this has to do with how well you understand English and how you can easily relate it with calculations)
And don’t give excuse that you’re not a science student, the maths are from general mathematics, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re smart

Also, don’t form over sabi and leave a question unanswered, UNILORIN doesn’t award mark for that (to them it’s laziness).

For the documents to take along: your Jamb registration slip, payment receiept, your scheduled slip together with your HB pencil.

Note: Your scheduling slip is the most important document you should take to the exam centre

As you go to your various centre, please be punctual (be at the centre at least 30minutes before your exam), be modest in your dressing, be time steward and importantly, be smart!

In a nutshell, please be smart😀

For Questions/Enquiries – 08138361397



  1. ALABI Abdullateef Olamilekan says:

    Any hope on reopening d Porta for direct entry Candida pls Mr plato and other Teams of d plato

  2. ALABI Abdullateef Olamilekan says:

    Ohk sir, Fanks so Much
    Great of plato and his Team 👫👫👫 Plate I believe and trust 👉👤

  3. Rachael says:

    I’m really happy for this. It will be helpful to me. I’m glad about it. Thanks sir and may God bless you abundantly.

  4. OLAYINKA says:

    my friend has 220 nd he choose surveying nd geo informatics which is 180,what is also his own chance of admission and what his is pass mark in his postutme

  5. Adekoya isreal Olamilekan says:

    Is Ilorin going to offer admission this 2020.I have my reason.I l Am also admission seeker but have been wondering about this year admission all in the name of covid 19

  6. Raji Jamiu Ajani says:

    I scored 274, I want to study mechanical engineering. How much preparation do I need for putme?

  7. Hikmah says:

    Thank you for this even though it’s been since last year, but sir with 268 what are the chances for admission into med courses

  8. Nafisat Bakare says:

    Pls sir Olalere, what do you mean by payment receipt and scheduling it payment receipt for jamb or for post utme.and what is schedule slip.

  9. Ganiu Awahu says:

    Thanks for this sir. Please, I had 219 in jamb and I want to study linguistic what’s my chances of gaining admission? bcuz I was advised to change my course to political science.

  10. Holuwapelumi says:

    I heard that UNILORIN won’t offer admission this year is that true??
    Which schools are still selling there post utme form so that I can do changing of institution fast

  11. Salami Aishat says:

    My jamb score is 194 and also have a merit olevel results
    I want to study biology and education

    What’s my chance in gaining admission?

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