If you wish to access the list, log on to UNN official website
www.unn.edu.ng to download the copy of the Official 1st Supplementary/DE admission list….
(Please, note that the list can ONLY by viewed using PDF-enabled phones or Device…..)

Those admitted in the just-released 2020/21 supplementary admission list, can go ahead to create their student profile and pay their acceptance fee (After 48 hours of the release of this admission list).
This is to enable UNN upload your names on her 2020/21 admission database….

  1. Go to any Cyber cafe Around You and log on to UNN website. That is, www.unn.edu.ng
  2. Click on UNN PORTAL
  3. Check out the MENU at the top-right hand corner of the portal and click on ‘UNDERGRADUATE’
  4. Click on ‘NEWLY-ADMITTED STUDENTS’ or click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” and submit your JAMB REG NO & Other details Required.
  5. Change Your Password to your preferred one
    (Pls Note That Your ‘Default Password’ & ‘Username’ for now, Is Your JAMB Reg No.)
  6. After Successfully changing your default to Your NEW PASSWORD, You can proceed to Create/fill Your student bio-data form/profile.
  7. Click on ‘SUBMIT’ after appropriately & successfully filling the form on the screen. That is all.
  8. After creating your profile, please PRINT out that page….
    (You need it for Your clearance/registration….)
  9. After successful creation of your student profile/biodata, Click on your MENU inside your already-created student portal.
  10. Click on ACCEPTANCE fee….
  11. Generate invoice for the invoice and go to any bank with your N30,000 and make your payment via REMITA….
  12. Come back to UNN portal again and process your acceptance fee…..
    After everything, you will be given your UNN ADMISSION LETTER or what is called ‘ACCEPTANCE OF ADMISSION’…..

5. DO NOT PAY SCHOOL FEES YET…. Wait until you’re notified by our info crew then you start paying.

‼️ NOTE : you can still do all the above things inside campus, When the new 2020/2021 session Officially starts By August or September.

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