The University Management held an emergency meeting with the Student Union today 31st January, 2021 at about 14:00 hour and considered the plea of well-meaning Nigerian within and outside the University.

Consequently, the following was resolved:

  1. The late registration fee for those who have not paid their school fees as well as those who have paid but did not register is hereby waived;
  2. As earlier informed, all those who has not paid their school fees can write an appeal to the Vice Chancellor through the Deputy Registrar Academics via email – academicofficer@uniabuja.edu.ng;
  3. Those who have recently paid the late registration fee of N5,000 will be refunded;
  4. Therefore, all the affected students should avail themselves of the opportunity to register for the 2019/2020 Academic session within two weeks from 1st – 14th February, 2021 thereby confirming their status as a bona fide student of the University;
  5. All students must know that the University Academic Calendar is sacrosanct and must learn from their present situation and avoid any delay in course registration in the future since this is a one-time University magnanimity. Course registration does not disrupt classes and every student must attend their classes promptly.

Be guided accordingly.

Deputy Registrar (Academics)

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