As academic activities commenced nationwide on Monday, schools in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and its environs resumed with strict adherence to the Federal Government guidelines on Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety protocols.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) correspondents who monitored the resumption in Abuja, report that some of the schools visited complied with the set guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus.

At the Government Senior Secondary School (GSS) Tudun Wada, FCT, hand sanitizers, water and soap were placed at the entrance of the school for the use of the students.

Students and teachers were also seen observing the guidelines by wearing their face masks and also adhered to physical distancing.

The Principal of the school, Mr Joseph Akor, expressed satisfaction with the level of compliance among the students.

Akor said that there was little to be done as the students were already aware of the dangers of not complying with the guidelines.

He, however, said that the challenge the school was presently facing was the non availability of water, noting that water was essential to preventing the virus.

“We will like to commend the government and also an NGO named Power Forward for providing us with hand sanitizers and face masks.

“Though the hand sanitizers did not go round the students, what we did was to give the sanitizers to each class prefect, who will then ensure that all students get to use before entering into the classrooms.

“The major challenge we have is lack of potable water supply resulting from the dry season. We want the government to assist us through the water board to get water to the school.”

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