Polytechnic Ojoku Kwara Honours Immediate Past FEDPOFFA Rector, Sends goodwill messages

Management of “The Polytechnic Ojoku” Honours Immediate Past FEDPOFFA Rector With Life Frame, Sends Goodwill Messages

The Management of The Polytechnic Ojoku, Kwara state has on Saturday, 22nd of February, 2022 honoured Dr. Lateef Ademola Olatunji, the immediate past Rector of Federal Polytechnic Offa with a life frame. The remarkable moment came up at the former Rector’s apartment in Offa.

According to the Rector of The Polytechnic Ojoku, he described Dr. Lateef Ademola as a man of true honour, stating his positive impacts were felt in Federal Polytechnic Offa and Offa community while serving as Rector.

The Rector of The Polytechnic Ojoku revealed that Dr. Olatunji’s tenure was tremendous and The Polytechnic Ojoku shared a close relationship with the immediate past Rector as they greatly benefited from him, especially in improving capacity.
“This life frame is a mere testimony for your gigantic footprints both in academic and morality. On behalf of Proprietor, Dr. Rasaq Oyewale, we present this life frame to you for your impacts as we wish you more fruitful years.”

Dr. Lateef Olatunji is known “for his tenacity and remarkable impact, this is due to great changes he brought to the Federal Polytechnic Offa and host community during his tenure as Rector of the institution.”

The occasion was witnessed in the presence of Dr. Olatunji’s friends as they all poured out their shared memories of positivity and said prayers to him.

~The Polytechic Ojoku Public Relation Unit

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