Osun announces resumption date for Third term, 2021/2022 academic session

The Management of the State Ministry of Education wishes to inform the general
publie and particulariy Parents/Guardians and Stakeholders in the State Basic and Post
Basic Education that the Resumption date for Third Tem 2021/2022 session has been
shifted from Monday 2nd May, to Monday 9th May, 2022 (One Week shift).

  1. This shift becomes necessary because of the National Publie Holidays that fall
    within the first three days ot the earlier resumption schedule as announced by the
    Federal Ministry of Interior
    (a) Monday 2 May, 2022
    (b) Tuesday and Wednesday
    Srd and 4th May, 2022
    Workers’ Day
    Tdel Kabir Celeration
  2. Consequent upon the above, the State Ministry of Education has approved that
    Third Tem 2021/2022 Session begins on Monday 9th May, 2022 as adjusted and ends
    on Friday 29th July 2022 (12 weeks) as retlected in the School Calendar earlier issued.
    All national and Public holidays are to be observed as would be declared by the
    Covemment of the day

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