Kwara announces date for school reopening

COVID-19: Kwara schools resume October 5
·       Tertiary institutions open Oct 12
Public and private schools in Kwara State are to resume normal academic classes from Monday October 5, a government statement has said.
“With various trainings held for teachers on how to protect themselves and students from the COVID-19 infection, improved manpower in monitoring and case tracings, and appreciable guarantee of some protection for the children, the government hereby directs the reopening of elementary schools from October 5,” according to a statement by the Commissioner for Communications Harriet Afolabi-Oshatimehin.
“Similarly, state-owned tertiary institutions are to reopen from October 12 or as may be determined by their respective governance structures.
“COVID-19 is still with us. The government therefore urges school authorities to ensure that all safety protocols are adhered to, including physical distance, use of face masks, and constant washing of hands with soap and water, in order to flatten the curve of transmission of the virus. The government similarly wishes our students and teacher a safe stay in school while promising to continue to do its best to keep the citizens safe at all times. Schools with scanty regards for safety protocols risk being shut.”
Schools had been ordered shut since 23rd March following the outbreak of the virus.
Harriet Afolabi-Oshatimehin 
Hon. Commissioner for Communications
Kwara State
September 30, 2020

Kwara State Government has lifted ban on closure of schools.

All primary and secondary schools are now to resume on Monday, 5th October, 2020.

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