Dear comrades. Below is the brief summary of what transpires at Asuu Congress meeting today.
Proposals by the FG team/ASUU BUK resolutions

  1. 20 billion to be released for revitalization by the end of January, 2021
    Resolution: Revitalization funds should be increased and be mainstreamed into the annual budget.
  2. 30 billion EAA to be released by the 6th of Sept, 2020
    Resolution: the 40 billion FG owed ASUU for the last 2 tranches be paid immediately. Henceforth EAA should be mainstreamed into annual budget. And EAA should be for the academic staff only. The process of mainstreaming must be completed for the strike to be suspended.
  3. FG had accepted to put UTAS on integrity test. Members to enrol on IPPIS pending when UTAS is fully ready.
    Resolution: enrolment on IPPIS platform is totally rejected. FG to revert back to GIFMIS and all outanding salaries be paid in full for strike to be suspended.
  4. Permanent operational license has been secured by NUPEMCO
    Resolution: COMMENDABLE
  5. EAA has been paid to Asuu loyalists in uni ilorin.
    Resolution: COMMENDABLE
  6. Renegotiation team to be formed by Asuu. Resolution: Renegotiation should be completed before suspending ongoing strike.

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