FG not interested in Nigerian Students Future – ASUU

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Benin Zone, yesterday, accused the Federal Government (FG) of turning a deaf ear to all appeals to meet its demands and put an end to the ongoing strike by lecturers in the struggle for a better education system.

The Benin Zone Zonal Coordinator, Prof. Fred Esumeh, said: The government is governed by ‘rodents’, parasitic elements, who prey on the country’s resources and loot it blindly, while the majority of Nigerians continue to suffer hunger, want and deprivation. Nigerians’ access to quality and affordable university education is being subtly but deliberately and steadily deñied.

“They choose to meet the timelines and deadlines for political party activities to perpetuate their greed but remain insensitive to the fact that Nigerian children and students are groaning under the burden of being shut out of school for over two months.

“Rather than treat the Union’s nationalistic call with the urgency and seriousness that it deserves, government representatives continue to toy with the future of our children and students.

The Union urged well-meaning Nigerians, workers and civil society organisations to prevail on the government to meet ASUU demands and save the educational system.

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