DSS Recruitment 2020 Application Form & Portal Registration

DSS Recruitment 2020 Application Form & Portal Registration DSS recruitment 2020/2021: The Department State Security Service (DSS) recruitment has begun for graduates and undergraduates.DSS Recruitment 2020 RequirementsBelow are the general requirements that will qualify you to apply for DSS recruitment. However, ensure you do fit for the requirement in other to have a successful application.General Requirements Applicants must be Nigerians by birth Applicants must possess the requisites qualifications and certificates. Any certificates or qualifications not presented and accepted atthe recruitment centre shall not be accepted after the recruitment. Applicants must be fit and present certificate of medical fitness from recognized Government Hospitals. Applicants must be of good character, and must not have been convicted of any criminal offences. Applicants must not be members of a secret society, Cult or Drug Addicts etc. Applicants must not have been involved in any financial embarrassment. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years Applicant’s heights must not be less than 1.65m for males and 1.60m for females. Applicant’s chest measurement must not be less than 0.87 for men. Computer Literacy will be an added advantageHow to apply for DSS Recruitment 2020To apply for The Department of State Security (DSS) recruitment 2020, Kindly follow the steps below.Visit the Department of State Security (DSS) portal http://www.dss.gov.ng/ Select a job openingonce you have selected any of the available job openings,Read the requirementsFinally, click on the ‘Apply Now’

When is Nigeria Security and DSS Application Closing date? The Department State Security Service (DSS) Recruitment 2020 application closing date was not specified. We are going to inform you, once we get hold of the application closing date.Disclaimer: Recruitment Trust Do not have any influence on the ongoing registration. What we do provide, are the necessary information required for you to be selected on the recruitment registration program.


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