Buhari rejects Bill converting Auchi Poly to University

President Muhammadu Buhari has declined assent to the Bill seeking to convert the Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State into a university of technology.

The Bill, which was passed by both Chambers of the National on September 23, 2021, has been returned to the National Assembly by the Presidency.

The Bill was recommitted to the Committee of the Whole of the House of Representatives yesterday for reconsideration.

Presenting the Bill for re-committal, Chairman of the House Committee on Rules and Business, Abubakar Hassan Fulata, said some observations were made on it, which required further legislative action.

He said: “The Federal University of Technology, Auchi (Establishment) Bill and Defence Research and Development Bureau (Establishment) Bill were passed by the National Assembly and transmitted to the President for assent.

“Some fundamental issues, which require fresh legislative action by the National Assembly, emerged after a critical analysis of the Bills by the Presidency.

“Cognisant of the need to recommit the Bills to address the fundamental issues raised in the Bills, it is resolves to rescind its decision on the Bills as passed and re-commit same to the Committee of the Whole for reconsideration.”

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