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Approved UNILORIN 2019/2020 cut-off marks

Approved UNILORIN 2019/2020 cut-off marks 

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  1. Balogun Taiwo Adekunle

    Ah, my course is not there o, Surveying and geoinformatics.

      1. Siyanbee

        It is not there now

      2. Blessing

        Does 258 for mbbs have any hope

        1. Premier

          Change course to either Physiology, Physiotherapy, anatomy

  2. Joseph

    Premier I score 220 in my utme and I apply for optometry in unilorin. Am from KO GI state what’s ma chances of getting admmision sir.

    1. Taiwo Olalere (Premier)

      Hmmm, if at all you want to do it with that, you have to score very high in Post UTME

      1. Ufedo

        I scored 223 and I applied for law what are my chances of getting admission tho my waec is good. I have 5’a’s and the rest b’s what are my chances

        1. Premier

          You have to change course

          1. Raliah

            Please which one is combined Law?

      2. deseye

        Its not on d portal yet

        Whats your source

        How can we be sure this is true

        1. Premier

          You can choose to believe or not. Sooner or later, they will upload it. It is not possible for us to type that ourselves

          1. Israel

            Taiwo. I’m a unilorite. Where can I find this I’m school? On which notice board was it pasted? Please I want to confirm for myself and it’s very important. Thanks for responding. 🙂

  3. Gbolagade Abdullahi Ademola

    how is the post Utme of unilorin going to be like.. can I have the imaginary image of it

    1. Premier

      Check our latest news page, I made an article on all you need to know about UNILORIN Post UTME. Regards

  4. Brightkelly

    I scored 195 going for industrial relation and personel management… Subject combination.. Maths/english/economics/commerce..what is my chance??

      1. Aminat

        What course can I change it to? What of Business Admin wit 219

  5. Unilorin Past

    Oh… This is serious. One need to change to the course that accept 190. Thanks

  6. Adekola abideen Taiwo

    Nice one

  7. Olufemi

    My Jamb Aggregate score was 236 with the following subjects : English, Government, CRS and literature
    And I applied for Mass communication
    Can I change my course to political science??

    1. Premier

      Apply for change of course

      1. Azeez basit adeola

        How much is going to cost if I want to do changing of institutions

        1. Premier

          You can message me to get it done. 08138361397 – WhatsApp only#3,500

    2. Mary

      I got 224 in my jamb and I chose masscom my subject combination is eng lit crs and govt .can I change to English.


    Thanks for all your great work. God bless you the more. Greater Height in Jesus name

    1. Premier

      Amen, thank you

  9. Mutair Abdulkabir

    Can I do have the chance of being admitted I got 194 and I choose Anatomy

  10. Kemisola

    I scored 200 can I study accounting @ unilorin??

    1. Premier

      No, you have to change course. You can change to Finance

  11. Mutair Abdulkabir

    Can I do change of course to anatomy, I got 194 in jamb.

    1. Onyinye

      Pls had 181 and I wanna study P. F. Ais Dee any chance for dat??

  12. Mutair Abdulkabir

    I scored 194 in utme and I applied for anatomy in unilorin. Do I stand a chance of being admitted or I should do change of course.

    1. Premier

      Apply for change of course

    2. Awujo Onyinyechi

      Can I study physiology with 223

    3. Lore

      I scored 195 in jamb
      I want to study performing arts in unilorin
      Do I av any admission chance?

  13. David

    I scored 213 with utme combination of English,Maths,Government and Economics. I’m from Imo state. Is there a chance of securing admission ?

    1. Premier

      What course are you going for?

  14. daniel

    pls what the cut off for medicine using a small phone

  15. Adeboye Adeoye

    Hi Premier,

    Had 211 in JAMB, and I chose Biology and Education, can I change to Telecom Science?


    1. Kenny

      You av to be hard working and ready to read as hell…if you are going for Telecomm…its no different to engineering course.

  16. favor

    Bro pls when did the school sat for d meeting of cut off

    1. Taiwo Olalere (Premier)

      Our own is not to disclose that

  17. Tochi

    How certain is pharmacy with 252… I know the cut off is 250 but how certain is it

    1. Premier

      Work well for Post UTME

  18. favor

    but please since jamb has reduce its cut off,iz there a possibility that this cutoff mark may change…because it seems this cut off waz set before jamb announced the reduction of cut off

    1. Premier

      Hello, JAMB didn’t reduce cutoff. 160 was only approved as minimum cutoff and not that schools must use it. The minimum cutoff for UNILORIN is 180 and all the cutoff here are real. Don’t misconstrue it

    2. Onyinye

      Pls I had 181 and I wanna study P. F. A is der any chance for d course???

      1. Premier

        Check if you meet the cutoff

  19. daniel

    pls wat d cut off for medicine am using a small phone

  20. Koker

    Please is change of institutions form out for all schools?

  21. Aminat

    I Score 219 and am going for accounting… Can I try the post utme without doing changing of course

  22. Toby

    I got 205 in jamb and am applying for telecoms. Can i be admitted?

    1. Premier

      Yes. Work hard for Post UTME

  23. Amoo olashile

    I got 199 and I want to study marketing can k go for it or change to finance

    1. Ayomide

      Please what is the combination subject for marketing

    2. Ayomide

      Please I want to change to marketing what are the combination subject

      1. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)

        What is your UTME subject combination?

        1. Ayomide

          English, math, economics, commerce

  24. shinaayomi

    Pls, social work is not there
    And what is the cuttoff mark

  25. Shinaayomi

    social work is not there, and I chose it

  26. Idris rasheed b

    Pls sir,210 for lingustic with subject combine of gov,eco,lit and english. Am i good to go

  27. Christiana

    Pls I scored 223 in utme in English language, hope it’s good?…..and pls update me when the postume form will be out in my email.thanks

  28. Jamiu

    Please combination of jamb mathematics, physics,chemistry and English that scored 195 and applied for Engineering what other faculties can he change course to?

    1. Premier

      Change to Information and Communication Science

  29. Owoyomi Samuel

    Please i am applying for Mass Communication with Jupeb, i scored 13 points but i did the programme outside Unilorin, i did it at Kwasu, please what are my chances of admission

    1. Premier

      Target high in Post UTME, you have a chance

  30. Gabriel Ajewole

    I had 222 in my jamb examination and i applied for mathematics but i want to change to biochemistry. My question; is my admission still save or i should not change my course

    1. Premier

      You can change if you wish, but Biochemistry is competitive

  31. Dami

    Please what is the subject combination for industrial relations?

  32. Leke ADEJUWON

    But goggle said not yet out
    How come

    1. Taiwo Olalere (Premier)

      Okay, wait till Google said so. Goodluck

  33. David Oluwagbamila

    I’m having 256, wanna go for Chemical engineering, what do I need to have as my post utme score in order to be hopeful?

      1. Mohammed Zainab

        I scored 253 to read Medicine and Surgery at UNILORIN, Is there any hope OR we change course

  34. Khalifah

    Can a person study medical labtech with 170

  35. Samuel

    I scored 185 and I want to study criminology
    Is there any chance of gaining admission?

  36. Siyanbee

    Surveying and Geoinformatics is not there pls

  37. Ayeni

    Plsy utme score is 230 apply for nursing at unilorin any hope

    1. Premier

      Yes, score high in Post UTME

  38. Abolarinwa oluwaseun

    I scored 201 in jamb and my subject combination are maths, English, Acct and economics am I good to go for marketing

    1. Premier

      Check above to know if meet with the cutoff

  39. oluwasegun

    Hello premier, how can I change course, I had 225 and going computer engineering, I’m from Lagos.

    1. Premier

      Message me on WhatsApp messenger please get it done – 08138361397

  40. Abdullah

    Mbbs with 263.
    Any chance of getting admission

  41. Abdullah

    I want to study mbbs n my score was 263
    Any hope?

  42. Emmanuel


    Pls what’s the subject combination for LIS, Telecommunication science and linguistics. I’d be glad if you reply this message.
    Fellow Unilorite, I’m asking for a sister

    1. Premier

      Telecommunication is Maths, Physics and Chemistry
      LIS, both Commercial and Art can do it
      Linguistic CRS, Literature, Government

  43. B. Rank

    Those cutoff marks
    above, are they the p. utme cutoff mark or jamb cutoff mark?

    1. Premier

      Departmental cutoff

  44. Davidson

    I had 238 in jamb and the cut off says 230 for chemical engineering what are my chances because I have had 221 for a course of 220 and it was changed when I was given admission please what are my chances

    1. Premier

      Work hard for Post UTME

  45. Boluwatife Ogunrinde

    I score 197 want to study Computer Science or Telecom Science, what should I do?

    1. Premier

      Change to Information and Communication Science

  46. Makuochukwu Leo Omeje

    I got 170

  47. Makuochukwu Leo Omeje

    I got 170
    I want to be study for computer science
    It seems applying for unIlorin
    Any hope?

    1. Premier

      Message me on WhatsApp for guidance – 08138361397

  48. kehinde

    I score 211 in my jamb and my subject combination is English,maths,government and economics,I want to study Economics education am I good to go?

  49. Bolaji

    My name is bolaji I score 236 nd i want to do Accounting any chances for me

    1. Premier

      Change to Finance

  50. Chidera

    I got 219 and I applied for preforming art what are chances of getting admitted into the school

    1. Premier

      You have a great chance

  51. Koker

    Is it only unilorin that have released their cut off mark like this or is it all schools and how sure is it that all schools have started change of institution and courses

  52. Mayowa

    Is this real cause someone from d school told me that it isn’t out.

    1. Premier

      You can choose to believe us or not. Thanks

  53. Mayowa

    I had 242 pls wot can I change to I wanted to go 4 medicine

    1. Premier

      Physiotherapy, physiology, anatomy, zoology, plant biology, etc

    2. Oluwashina

      Anatomy and physiology precisely

  54. Wisdom

    Please is Food science a different course from Food science and technology in Unilorin?

    1. Premier

      We have food science in Agric and other other one in Engineering tech

  55. Iyodo Olusegun Nelson

    With 250 UTME score, do I stand any chance for Physiotherapy?

  56. Imade

    I score 185 and I want to go for marketing… What related subject can I change to?

    1. Premier

      Economics education or other educational course

  57. Ifeoluwa

    Thanks for the info. please is the form for change of course out?

  58. Taiwo Olalere (Premier)

    Change of course and institution is available already, and this is UNILORIN cutoff mark

  59. Mohammed Zainab

    I scored 253 to read Medicine and Surgery at UNILORIN, Is there any hope OR we change course

    1. Premier

      Hello, kindly change your course

  60. Phorthune

    I can’t find psychology there
    what’s the cut off mark for it?

  61. azeezkehinde

    what about DE cnddt

  62. Godfrey

    To obtain change of course during post utme
    registration or doing it on jamb website which one is more preferable?

  63. Lisara

    Please I had upper credit and am going for mass communication, what should I score for my post utme for me to gain admission into unilorin.

    1. Premier

      Target 70+. Mass com is very competitive

    2. Victory

      Please keep me updated about uniloirin admission

      1. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)

        Stay glued to our website

  64. Raliah

    Please which one is Combined Law?

    1. Premier

      Common and Islamic law

      1. Raliah

        Is it possible for me to change my course from common law to combined law but I didn’t do IRS in jamb
        And I scored 231

  65. Ibrahim Taoheed

    I scored 244 ,Cn I go for mass comm

  66. Raliah

    Kindly reply to my comment
    I really need to know

  67. Rofiat

    Had 232 in jamb n I wantu study accounting. Is there a possibility I can make it through post utme? I dont wantu give up the course

    1. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)

      Change to Finance, they are related

  68. Sadiq feyisayo

    I had 197 in my jamb and I want to study industrial relation and personel management with subject combination of eng, maths, account and economics.. am I good to go

      1. Victory

        Please keep me updated about uniloirin admission

        1. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)

          You can message me on WhatsApp, 08138361397

  69. Lukman

    Any hope with 221 business administration
    I choose English Math Economics Commerce

  70. Ibrahim

    Please I got 172 in my utme
    What’s my chances at unilorin for agric

    1. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)

      The minimum cutoff for UNILORIN admission is 180.
      I’ll advise you to register for IJMB in order to meet your mates in 200L

      1. Destiny

        Sorry what is IJMB all about

        1. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)

          Message me on WhatsApp to know more about it.
          You can also check this link to know more about it

        2. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)


          You can also message us on WhatsApp to know more about it

  71. Abigail

    I scored 242 in jamb and I applied for common law but I didn’t reach the cut off mark. I offered crs, English, literature and government. What good course can I offer

    1. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)

      Political science, history and international studies

  72. Ayomide

    Please I want to do business admin and I score 201 but is 220 can I change my course with this combination English, math, economics, commerce, to marketing

  73. qozeem ridwan

    Pls hw can I calculate the aggregate score for admission in unilorin “accounting”. I scored 254 in jamb and in my waec I have 1A, 2Bs and 5Cs

    1. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)

      UNILORIN doesn’t use the O’level grading system, all they use is your JAMB score and Post UTME

  74. Racheal

    I scored 218 any chances of securing admission this year? And how about the postutme exercise

    1. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)

      Depends on your course, and whatever you score in Post UTME

      1. Hussain

        I had 204 in jamb and want to change to metallurgical engineering I’m I good to to ??

  75. David Oluwagbamila

    How many times can one change institution ?

  76. Ayomide

    English, math, economics, commerce, can I change to public administration with this subject?

  77. Ayomide

    Please can I change to public administration with this subject English, math, economics, commerce am a commercial student

  78. Destiny

    Pls sir i scored 185 in utme with subject combination of eng,maths,chem,phy can i do change of course to food science and technology….thank u

    1. Taiwo Olalere (PREMIER)

      Kindly note that UTME cutoff mark is 200. It’s advisable you apply for change of course

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